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Hosting optimized for WordPress. Speedy, secure, scalable, and more PHP workers than any other provider.

Optimize Your Website with High-Speed WordPress Hosting

Maximum Speed for Seamless Performance

Enhance your website’s loading time and overall performance with our high-speed WordPress hosting. Benefit from our free Object Cache Pro, which ensures efficient caching for faster page rendering. Additionally, our premium image compression feature minimizes file sizes without compromising quality, resulting in quicker image loading. Boosting your website’s speed is further amplified through our integration with the global Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network), which caches your content across multiple servers worldwide for lightning-fast delivery.

Intelligent Plugin Update Tools for Hassle-Free Maintenance

Managing your plugins is made easier with our intelligent plugin update tools. Visual compare allows you to visually assess the changes made by plugin updates, ensuring compatibility and minimizing any potential issues. Moreover, our performance monitoring feature keeps track of your website’s performance metrics, allowing you to optimize its speed and stability effortlessly.

No Restrictions, No Limits

With our WordPress hosting, you can forget about overage fees, traffic limits, or being restricted by metered pageviews. We provide you with the freedom to grow your website without any unnecessary constraints. Whether you have high traffic volumes or experience sudden surges, rest assured that your website will continue to function smoothly.

Hassle-Free Migrations and Money-Back Guarantee

Switching to our hosting service is a breeze with our free migration assistance. Our team of experts will seamlessly transfer your website, ensuring minimal downtime and preserving your data integrity. In addition, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with all our plans, allowing you to try our services risk-free. If you’re not fully satisfied within the first month, we’ll refund your payment.

Round-the-Clock Support from WordPress Experts

We understand the importance of continuous support, which is why our WordPress experts are available 24/7/365 to address any technical issues or concerns you may have. With proactive server monitoring, we ensure that your website remains stable and secure, and we promptly resolve any potential disruptions.

Unmatched PHP Flexibility

Experience unparalleled PHP flexibility with our WordPress hosting. We provide you with more PHP options than any other WordPress host, empowering you to optimize your website’s performance and customize it to your specific needs.

Choose our high-speed WordPress hosting to optimize your website’s performance, enjoy hassle-free maintenance, and receive expert support whenever you need it. With no restrictions on traffic or metered pageviews, along with free migrations and a money-back guarantee, we offer a comprehensive hosting solution tailored to your WordPress needs. Take advantage of our proactive server monitoring and maximize your website’s speed and flexibility with our unmatched PHP options.

Plugin Performance Monitor

Monitor load times and page weight with our daily plugin tester. Automatically detects performance changes when a new WordPress plugin is installed or updated.

WooCommerce Automated Testing

Nightly testing that detects payment, checkout, and login credential problems on your WordPress site. Done in 1 minute, there’s no need to test products yourself!

Support that goes the distance

Our expertise goes beyond WordPress hosting. When you need help, our WordPress experts — who include active contributors — are standing by to resolve your questions and concerns.

Security Features

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free iThemes Security Pro

Managed WordPress hosting features

  • WordPress core updates
  • WordPress plug-in updates
  • Visual compare
  • 1-click staging site
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Language translation
  • SEO
  • Marketing tools
  • Multi-site management

Standard Features

  • Minimum 10 PHP workers
  • 24/7/365 WordPress support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Disaster recovery assistance
  • Minimum 2TB Monthly Bandwidth

Performance Features

  • PHP 7 and 8 compatible
  • CDN powered by Cloudflare
  • Image compression
  • Image lazy loading
  • Cloud accelerator
  • Object Cache Pro
  • Container add-ons
  • Plugin Performance Monitor

Managed WordPress cloud hosting

Lift performance in a few clicks with virtual servers that are tailored to WordPress performance requirements

Made for WordPress

It’s more than caching. An orchestra of provisioning, engineering, and optimization delivers reliable performance out of the box. Pre-configured and turnkey.

Keep costs low

We scale your site in seconds, and monthly PHP auto scaling (24 hours per month free) keeps resources lean

Stay online and secure

Our infrastructure maintains 99.998% uptime. We are one of the most secure managed WordPress cloud platforms in the industry.

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